i'm a wild thing through and through, caffeine fiend, full time lover and fangirl extraordinaire.
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nanu nanu, sir. thank you for the joy and laughter your brought to my childhood. you will be so missed. ❤️

my trainer ordered my new thermo whey protein. and a new shaker! time to get lean! #fitfam #girlswholift

picked up this book on a whim because of the john green recommendation but man am i glad I did. so so good 🙌




Literally anything involving customer service

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happy Father’s Day to this guy! the best daddy and man i know. thanks for being my real life super hero and teaching me what bravery means. I love you, dad! ❤️❤️

sitting at our windows watching a giant thunder storm roll through town ⚡️⚡️

today i stubbed my toe way too hard, sat on gum that wasn’t mine and had to call the guards about a drunk man outside work that was close to passing out and falling flat on his face. pretty glad it’s Friday. #grosshabits #tgif

my first batch of protein! bitches getting ripped! #fitness #fitfam #weightloss

full body transformation also kills me. why was I let out looking like that?! 😳 #fitness #change #weightloss